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ZBrush Digital Sculpting - First Steps - Full Course

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Hey there,

This course is my effort to help people who are just starting out in digital sculpting with ZBrush.

I tried to keep away from the technical side for now and just focus on the artistic process itself. So please make sure you have other sources to learn ZBrush from!

To achieve this we will go through the creation of a male bust from start to finish: sorting out references, sculpting the human skull, creating our generic male head and from there finalizing it.
And A LOT of insights

Please be aware that I won't cover high frequency details or rendering. It's all about the forms!!!

And I try my best to make you see and feel things in a new way:
My aim is to drop an incendiary explosive right at the core of your fortress and watch it burn from the inside outwards.

So if you like a lot of talking and concepts and are interested in knowing my philosophy behind all this, this is for you.

Please follow these links to watch the first two classes where I talk about what the course is about.
  • The full promo video:

  • Turntable:

  • Course content (1st video/class):

  • What is out of the course (2nd video/class):

What you will get:

  • 21 1920x1080 mp4 narrated videos, adding up to about 3.5 hours of content.
the videos are narrated in PORTUGUESE, but I spent an enourmous amount of time translating it to english as well, so you will get the 21 SRT files. If this is a problem for you, please don't buy it.
I edited the videos in a way to make them as cool as a tutorial can get. Background music (not too loud, of course!), overlay images, transitions, etc... So these are not just silent shitty raw recorded videos.
  • 7 ztl files of the first classes but NOT the final sculpt ztl.
Keep in mind that these are not for production.
  • pureRef reference files used during the course.
  • zbrush shortcuts, rake brush and 2 matCaps that I use.

This is the current list of classes/videos:

1. Introduction

  • Course content (video 1)
  • Note about what we will not see in the course (video 2)
  • Time to relax (video 3)

2. PureRef

  • Introduction to the program (video on, you get it)
  • Demonstration of an ideal reference board

3. Zbrush

  • My interface and shortcuts
  • Technical Workflow
  • Sculpture Workflow

4. Initial Artistic Concepts

  • Reduction
  • Stylization

5. Human Skull

  • Primary forms
  • Secondary forms
  • Bonus: Animal Skull, Study Idea

6. Generic male bust

  • Primary forms
  • Secondary forms
  • Shape Refinement

7. Male Bust

  • Features and personality pt 1
  • Features and personality pt 2
  • Bonus: Hair sculpting
  • Final touches

8. Conclusion

  • Final words
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You will get:

MP4 Videos
Eng. Subtitles
Zbrush MatCap
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ZBrush Digital Sculpting - First Steps - Full Course

8 ratings
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